Learn more about brook trout fishing

Brook trout fishing is a great adventure that will always be remembered and will draw family and friends forever closer! The excitement of fishing for natural brook trout, especially at Wapoos Sibi, begins with the anticipation of packing the car or float plane with all the necessary gear needed for a happy and successful adventure.

At Wapoos Sibi, just 4 hours by car from Montréal, you will find 44 lakes and rivers where you can enjoy serious brook trout fishing. The streams and rivers interconnect the upper natural lakes of the territory to the lakes below, thus continually transferring healthy, natural brook trout to all fishing areas. Trout fishing and catching one big specimen, whether on a fly or a worm, will give you the fight of your life!

Brook trout prefer pure, clean, and cold waters with a narrow pH range in streams, rivers, and lakes because they are sensitive to pollution, poor oxygenation, and acid rain. Interestingly, the native North American brook trout became extirpated from several watercourses as forest clear-cutting, industrialization, and land development took effect. Furthermore, they subsist on a diet that includes amphibians (i.e., frogs), crustaceans, mollusks, smaller fish, insects, small aquatic mammals (i.e., voles), and invertebrates. They also serve as a food source for lampreys and seabirds, and are a short lived species; with their average life expectancy being only 4 to 5 years in the wild. As a result, many organizations - including Trout Unlimited - have taken proactive measures in order to improve water and quality standards in attempts to protect the valued species.

For a truly wonderful experience of trout fishing, Northern Québec and Wapoos Sibi should definitely be on your ‘A-list’! Take the time to experience serious brook trout fishing at Wapoos Sibi! Be the one that got away! Visit our home page for further information!